wallflower wall hangings began as a set of gifts for two of my daughter’s best pals. i wanted to do something special for maya’s friends at the holidays. a box of treasures like antique buttons and bells were used to embellish some simple shapes i created using felt scraps in rich colors left over from a design job. each piece became a lovely work of art before my eyes, and to my delight, the response to those initial pieces was overwhelming. soon orders were coming in from moms who wanted soft, whimsical artwork hanging above their child’s beds! wallflower was born.

wallflower wall hangings are made from non-synthetic felt, a wool and rayon blend in varying percentages. it cuts beautifully and does not fray at the edges. felts are glued and hand stitched for strength and beauty. wallflower wall hangings cannot be washed because of the high wool content, but can be brushed with a soft brush or even lightly wiped down with a damp rag.

creating each piece is an organic process. since a wallflower hanging is unique to each child, i take the time to get to know yours. what is their environment, their likes (or dislikes!), their favorite color? do they have brothers or sisters, a favorite pet, a love of nature? this attention to detail, and the rich textures and deep colors of a wallflower felt, ensures your piece will be a perfect reflection of your child’s unique and special spirit.

kerri-lynne menard lives in long beach, california. after living overseas and completing a bfa in painting in montreal, kerri-lynne returned to california, where she traversed the hills of san francisco and taught herself how to paint as a commercial illustrator. back in southern california more than a decade, kerri-lynne is busy at work designing, painting, being an overall worker bee, and mom to her six year old daughter maya and lucy bean the dog. besides sleep, kerri’s favorite things are santa ana winds, the perfect coat, and hazelnut lattes.


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