each wallflower wall hanging is a bit different, about five by three feet in size, in either a vertical or horizontal format. a wallflower wall hanging is $285, with special or larger orders costing more. pricing includes delivery costs.

out of necessity, ordering a wallflower and paying for a wallflower are two separate things. this makes the initial transaction a two-step process, but it really is a good idea to be in touch directly and take some time to discuss what you want before you order and pay for your custom wall hanging.

to get the ball rolling, please email kerri@wallflowerfelts.com. include your name, phone number, and what you are looking for, so you may be contacted directly via phone or email to discuss the particulars about your child and your piece.

once we’ve been in touch, and you are ready to place an order, you’ll visit the wallflower website again. for ease and peace of mind, paypal is available for you to order and pay securely with your credit card. all you have to do is click the flower button to your left to get started! for your records, paypal will send you a receipt confirming your order.

thank you for your interest in wallflower soft art for little ones!

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