sammi's mom:

sammi’s wallflower wall hanging perfectly complements the colors of her nursery…more importantly, it perfectly complements and reflects her personality! sammi loves this very personal piece of art; from the time her wallflower was hung, she insisted i hold her in front of it so she could touch it. she would say flower again and again! she knows this unique handmade art was designed specifically for her and she loves it as much as i do.

rose's mom:

our lovely wall hanging is the centerpiece of my three year old daughter’s room. because it is personalized and customized, it is special and different than any other kid décor out there. my daughter’s name rose appears on the wool felt, along with flowers and colors that blend beautifully with rose’s furniture, linens and rug. the details are fun – ours has a lot of colorful, textured buttons. plus i really loved that we could hang it over rose’s crib and bed with no fear of it falling and harming her. we’ve had our wallflower for almost two years – and it still looks brand new!

iris' mom:

i had a wallflower wall hanging done for my daughter iris for her 2nd birthday. knowing that each of kerri-lynne’s pieces is a one-of-a-kind, i was excited to discover what she would create for us. as she worked with shapes and colors and some lovely old antique buttons, she had my daughter in mind. by tying in some visual elements of iris’ room – where the piece would hang – as well as bringing to life my daughter’s bright, vibrant personality, our wallflower surpassed all of my expectations! kerri-lynne’s eye for detail, innate sense of color and artistic sensibilities are evident in everything she touches. she created for our family a unique and beautiful work of art that i know iris will cherish always.

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